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                  Park new look
                  Laboratory/ Research Institute
                  Production plant
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                Laboratory/ Research Institute


                With a building area of 27800 m2, Shenzhuang Research and Development Center has branches of Wooden Products Research and Development Center, Decoration Technique Research Institute,Curtain Wall Technique Development Center and Steel Structure Technique Research and Development Center. The Center has set up an innovative union integrating production, study and research with colleges and universities such as Hefei University and Nanjing Forestry University and others and has obtained use right of four patents. It also has set up an embedded laboratory occupied a land of over 3000 minside Hefei University which is the first exemplary base of the Park that setting the core technology research and development in a university and setting the research and development of products, teaching and training in a park. In the future,ChizhouIndustrial Parkwill develop extensive scientific and technological cooperation with colleges and universities and strive to develop the Industrial Park into a student practice base, a product experimental base and a quality inspection center of high scientific and technological content and innovation ability within two years.




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